navy blue blazer combination
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Many men love the color navy blue, and a good dress navy blazer can enhance your appearance. Also, it is a versatile option so you can wear it wherever you want, that can be a regular day to an imported wedding.

But still, if you are bored by wearing the same combinations, you can try these 10 Navy blazer combination. This article contains many shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, and more options.

You just landed a great article that shows you everything you want. So now let’s find that combination.

Navy Blazer Shirt and pants combination

First will see shirt pant ideas that go well with navy color, and don’t look bad instead give you a more classy look.

Navy Blazer with Blue shirt and white pants

This combination is a basic one. That you can wear in your formal events such as office or a meeting. But white pants instead of black give a more clean and prestable look.

Brown accessories suit better in this outfit so if you have a pair of brown shoes make sure to pair them.

With a White shirt and Grey Pants

Another one is especially for working professionals. As I said, a Navy blazer is a classy piece. And pairing it with gray pants with a white shirt. It gives you a more enhanced and presentable look.

Black accessories will match better than brown ones. So make sure to add details with these black accessories.

With a blue shirt and jeans

Jeans give an easy and regular look. At the same time, pairing a blazer on top of that it makes a perfect street-style look for winter.

This is a casual or street style but you don’t need to wear ripped jeans. The classy man doesn’t wear these kids’ fashion.

Plain or slightly faded jeans are perfect.

With a Navy Pants and a Black shirt

If you have Navy pants the same as your Navy blazer then good (a slightly different shade works well). Pair it with your blazer and create a full-suit look.

Add a crisp black iron shirt. You can say it’s a full-suit outfit. Yeah, suits well with any special events, such as weddings or meeting someone.

Add details with black accessories and you are good to go.

Navy Blazer with T-Shirt Combination

T-shirts are for normal events, and many color combination goes well with a navy blazer. Also, this list contains some of them.

These are not the only options you can make your outfit, Just make sure you are confident, and neutral colors best options.

With a White T-shirt and White pants

With White T-shirt and jeans

With White T-shirt and Beige Pants

With A Sweater

If it is cold, you can pair a sweater under the blazer and it looks good. Go for a subtle neutral color such as grey, black, maroon, or even white.

If your office allows you to wear a sweater (that can be), you can pair it with your navy blazer. To increase the charm of your outfit, grab all the brown accessories and you’re good to go.

With Hoodie

Pairing a hoodie is a good option for a casual or street-style look. That is The old trend where people wear a hoodie under a blazer, but still going as well.

A black hoodie can match all types of blazers and also your navy one. Or you can use another color just make sure your color is not saturated. A natural color blends perfectly with the navy color.

White sneakers with a slight casual touch by accessories and you are ready.

With a Turtleneck

A turtleneck is an old-fashioned piece of cloth but it is still in trend and people love wearing it. turtleneck is also very versatile and can match any outfit. A Navy blazer is one of them.

Most of the office accept this type of outfit where you are wearing a turtleneck under the blazer. If you have decided to wear it, so make sure to put a neutral color. The most safe option is black and grey.


Navy blazer is vertaile option and can go with many ways. You can pair it with hoodie, turtleneck, t-shirt, shirt and many more.

I shown you 10 Best navy blazer combination from casual to formal. It means you have many options to choose from.


What color pants go with a navy blazer?

Navy blazer is very versatile and it can go with many color pants. But the important thing make sure the color should be neutral and not saturated. I’ll prefer pair black, navy and grey.

Does a navy blazer go with black?

YES! It even complement your outfit and ehnace the overall look of your outfit.

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