If you are wearing a red shirt instead of a maroon. It means you are making a mistake. The maroon color enhances your look in minutes. But when you match your pants with a shirt.

In this article, you’ll see 8 best pants color options that can easily match your maroon shirt.

Now let’s take a look at those options.

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1. Maroon shirt with beige pants

Beige and maroon are a classy option to wear on any formal occasion. Although you can rock this outfit casually, this combination has a more formal side.

But don’t worry, this list is full of different color options.

And for the bottom, I’ll suggest dark brown or brown. However, black is great too, brown matches better.

2. Maroon shirt with white pants

Another classy option. If you want to enhance your overall look, try this combination.

White pants with a maroon shirt give you a polished look. Perfect for any meeting or date. Rock this outfit with black or brown leather shoes.

3. Maroon shirt with gray pants

Grey is one of the best colors for maroon shirts. It can elevate your look in seconds. This combination is perfect for any type of occasion.

No matter where you are going. Like a business meeting or meeting your friends. Just put on your sneakers or leather shoes and you’re good to go.

And don’t forget to accessorize your outfit. It can make or break your look.

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4. Maroon shirt with jeans

This is perfect for those who are waiting for a casual outfit. Where they can look stylish and don’t want to be confused in color matching.

Blue jeans can make you look good. But I’ll suggest Don’t wear ripped jeans. The fashion of ripped jeans is not for people who want to maintain their class.

Use a sneaker to complete your outfit. White is a good option, otherwise, you can use any of them.

5. Maroon shirt with black pants

Black pants can be jeans, trousers, or even chinos. Every pair of pants is perfect for different occasions. But when it comes to color matching, black can match with almost any outfit. And black can enhance any combination.

As we all know trousers for formal and jeans for casual. For bottom wear, grab a a black or brown shoes and their accessories. And white sneakers will look better.

6. Maroon shirt with Navy Pants

Navy pants can look better in formal events. Navy is a dark classy color option and maroon color compliment your look. But don’t forget about accessories.

Brown color suit with it, although black can go but with this combination try brown shoes/belt/watch. It will help you in elevating your formal look.

7. Maroon Shirt with Olive green

This combination is different than the other one. Here You are pairing a colored bottom that can be risky. But if you haven’t try yet. You should give it a chance.

They match with each other. just make sure, to pick olive green pants that shouldn’t be saturated. Also, your accessories and shoes look better if it’s dark. Because it helps to maintain the look.


As I showed you all the best options that can go with your maroon shirt. These are just options that are ready to go. You can style your outfit, I’ll say don’t limit yourself.

Still, if you are confused, about color matching, you can find options on Google or DapperMIX.


What color pants go with the maroon shirt?

You can wear Blue/beige/black/olive green/white/grey and some more. Just make sure the color you choose should compliment your outfit. Don’t use saturated color, it can break your look.

Does a maroon shirt go with blue jeans?

Blue jeans with maroon is the perfect combination for any casual event. Just make sure to use accessories to look better in the same outfit. Changing shoes can make a huge difference.

Does maroon go with black?

Black and maroon is a super safe option but still the most classy too. You don’t need to do anything to look better. A pair of black pants and shoes, that’s it. And you are ready for anywhere.

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