Classy Men’s outfits are trendy nowadays. But not now, the classic basic outfit has been in trend for a long time.

if you finally realize the importance of classy outfits, you also want to dress classy. So this article is perfect for you.

In this article, you’ll see X Classy Men’s Outfits ideas that you can immediately try. I’ll filter outfits by adding a heading. You can directly jump into that section.

Shirt-Pant Classy Men’s Outfits

First, start with a classy shirt and pants combination. I’ve added 7 outfits and it’s just for understanding the classy outfits.

The basic rule of shirt-pants combination is to match your top and bottom. You can see I’ve added different color ideas so don’t stick with the same color.

Make your outfit, by matching the color.

The basic rule,

  1. Neutral colors: if you wear neutral colors you can mix and match them and it’s hard to mess up combinations.
  2. If you are wearing any light on top, you can add a dark bottom to maintain the contrast in your outfit.
  3. A shirt and pants are a simple combination, so add some accessories to make your outfit more attractive.

These are 3 simple tips for making a classy shirt-pant combination.

Blazer Classy Men’s Outfits

A blazer is another classy piece in menswear. So how do you style a blazer?

The most basic rule, if you don’t have any color blazer then buy colors from black, navy, brown, and gray. These colors are very versatile.

You don’t have to think too much to style them. These colors are great for any occasion. Whether it’s a normal Casual or serious meeting.

Here are 3 Tips to style a blazer for anywhere.

  1. One thing always remember is that your blazer should be well fitted, and avoid buying suits or blazers readymade. It does not even suit you well, and fitting is important in styling any clothes.
  2. If you don’t know what shirt and pant combination you wear under a blazer, remember. Just try to keep things simple. Wear a shirt-pants combination that I told you above and add a blazer to it. But if you are confused a lot, just add black, navy, and white. It matches everything.
  3. Your shoes matter a lot. Pair shoes according to your occasion. Formal wear like loafers, monk straps, and brogues are good for offices. You can even add sneakers to get that casual vibe.

Suit Classy Men’s Outfits

A Suit is a very classy outfit for a man. And it stands out. As a man, you should have a couple of suits that can be worn in any event.

You can wear a suit for any special event or any other casual event as well. You have to style it correctly to get more out of it.

Now let’s see some tips that help you to enhance your look.

  1. When you are styling it for normal days, you can opt for a solid t-shirt with sneakers. Whether it’s white or black. You can also match your T-shirt and sneakers.
  2. Shoes are very important, monk straps, boots, loafers, and brogues, shoes are always good for a suit. And these are not expensive at all.
  3. When pairing it with anything formal, you should match your all accessories with the same family color. I mean, if wearing a brown watch, then your belt and shoes should be the same. Detailing is key.
  4. If you are wearing a 3 piece suit, I’ll recommend one thing you don’t need to match your tie and pocket square. And don’t be confused about tie color, pick black and navy. It can go with any outfit and suits for any place.

Turtleneck Classy Outfit

The turtleneck is also a great outfit, and very versatile for anywhere. And it is quite popular among men.

You can pair it with a blazer, shirt, overcoat, jacket, etc. There is no limit to styling a turtleneck. The right combination is everything.

Now let’s see some styling tips.

  1. The turtleneck is a very classy piece and you probably have never seen another color other than black, white, and gray. Because these 3 colors are enough to look stylish and create dozens of new looks, make sure your turtleneck should be solid. Colorful and Patterned, it doesn’t fit in classy clothing.
  2. Try new things sometimes. I mean, keep your turtleneck simple and solid but you can pair some patterned clothes to change the style and add personality. Like, a decent pattern blazer/suit in style, if you can manage to find a normal Little bit of pattern with the right color that looks good.
  3. Layering is important. When you layer your turtleneck, you should under the color combination. Because it is very important. The right color can make or break your style. The simple things you can remember, that make contrast in your outfit and keep things simple. You can take a idea from the images.

Coat Classy Outfits

Overcoat and trench coat. Both coats are best for cold weather. And this is very common to wear, this is the reason i added it here.

It is good to wear with a normal shirt, t-shirt, turtleneck and so on.

Here are some tips for wearing and coat/trench coat.

  • Fitting is very important in overcoats. You have to deal with the length of the fitting. The fitting should be around your knee, or slightly above. It is best for any occasion and suits everyone and slightly longer coats are more formal side and best for offices.
  • You should layer your overcoat depending on the weather conditions and occasion. If it’s too coated, add a turtleneck, or pair it with a blazer. And other stuff like T-shirts can be worn in warm weather and casual events. You can see the images to get the idea.
  • Many people are confused about colors. And they stick to only black. I’ll suggest trying some other colors like gray, navy, camel, and others. Even these three should be your next choice if you still sticking to black. The black color overcoat is too common.

Final Words

Now it’s your turn, to create your style. I have shown you 32 Classy Men’s Outfits ideas with staying tips as well.

The basic rule you probably noticed, is that I mentioned “Simple, and solid” many tips. Because, you never see a classy guy who wears designed t-shirts, saturated colors, and Branded logos.

This is the reason, keep things simple…

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