Those who have darker skin tones. They are confused about colors. They think color doesn’t suit them because of their skin tone.

Personally, this is just about confidence. If you are insecure about your color, you’ll already be underconfident.

Before seeing any color idea, accept it and be confident about your appearance. Dark skin doesn’t mean bad. To become stylish all you need to wear the right color that compliments your skin tone.

Now let me show you some color ideas that you can rock on the office or any other formal occasion.

1. Navy Blue shirt

Navy blue is a classic piece. And it suits almost every skin tone. But make sure the fit is top-notch. For the bottom, you have many options.

Grey, black, and beige are the safe side options. And matches perfectly with a Navy blue shirt.

For bottom wear, brown and black are evergreen colors. Don’t be stressed about overthinking. Use brown shoes if your overall outfit is light, for example, Navy with gray.

Matching the right colors complements your overall look. And you can become more presentable.

2. Maroon Shirt

Maroon is a great color for almost every occasion. Suppose you dress formally for a date or office. You can stand out. After all, maroon is a color that suits all skin types.

Black and grey are the most common bottom wear for maroon shirts. Although, you can pick based on your event. It means black is good for regular events like just going to the office. And grey can be worn at a special event.

But accesoiress is super impoetnt. and can make or break your fashion game. And in the game, you can pair black shoes with both outfits.

Here is a Maroon shirt matching pant idea that you can check out.

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3. Black shirt

I would say, a black shirt is the ultimate color and no matter what skin tone you have, what occasion or what event. Black can rock Everywhere.

Colors like,

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Navy
  • White

And other neutral colors. Black can work with any pants. put trousers on for formal events. And most commonly people wear black shoes.

But if you are matching a beige shirt, you can add brown shoes. And make sure to match your accessories. If wearing black shoes, so match your all accessories like watches or belts.

4. Green Shirt

In particular, an olive green shirt suits well with dark skin. Although many shades of green suit are good, make sure not to go for saturated color. It complements your skin tone. You should add this shirt to your wardrobe.

The perfect pants are Black, and beige.

Other pants can match with green, but these are safe options if you don’t wanna take risks. These are go-to options.

I would recommend pairing brown accessories like watches, belts, ties, etc, with this combination. Black accessories also suit well with black pants. Otherwise brown is a good option for both of them.

5. White Shirts

White color is a classic piece of clothing and matches all skin types whether you have dark skin. Make sure to use an actual white color. I mean, some white colors look so cheap, that’s why it doesn’t look good.

White and black is the favorite of many men. And it’s obvious white gives you a clean look and black maintains a dark contrast that complements the overall outfit.

Common bottom ideas are black and grey. It makes you more presentable. If you are going to a meeting try this.

But if you are going to wear a blazer for a meeting, so try a navy blue blazer and the same navy blue pants. A grey and black suit is more casual side.

But especially for meeting navy blue suits are better on that occasion.


In terms of matching outfits with your skin. All you need is to choose the right color that matches well with your skin tone. Make sure to choose a color that compliments your skin, that’s why don’t go for too much-saturated colors.

Instead of wearing RED try maroon. Instead of wearing LIGHT BLUE try navy blue. That’s it. Go for neutral colors.


Which formal shirt is best for dark skin?

A black and white shirt is perfect for dark skin. these colors compliment your skin and give you a presentable look. Pair it with well-fitted grey pants to complete the outfit. Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit.

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