Gray blazer combination s

What to wear with a gray blazer? You probably think about this when wearing a gray blazer.

But without any surprise, it’s not hard to make a good outfit with your gray blazer. No matter which occasion it is this.

If you are styling it currently, you’ll look good in any event. Finally, I’ll share some styling tips.

But now let’s take a look at the gray blazer combination.

Note, All images collected from Pinterest.

Outfit 1. Shirt-Pant Combination

Our first outfit is a shirt pant color combination for a gray blazer. Which color combination blends well with a blazer?

Blue Shirt, Black Pants

The blue shirt can match a gray blazer. But the most suited occasion for this outfit is formal.

Because light blue is commonly worn in offices. Otherwise, you can pick a navy blue shirt for other occasions as well.

Black Shirt, Black Pants

The gray blazer matches with black too smoothly. Also, it looks good almost anytime or any event.

Both are neutral colors and make this attire so stylish and classy. You can enhance the feel by adding some details to your outfit by pairing accessories.

A simple black leather watch and well-clean black loafers can make your outfit much better.

Black shirt, White Pants

Black color often worn on special occasions like dates.

White and black can’t mess up. This combination is perfect for weddings or date-like events.

You can pair any brown or black accessories, but just don’t mix accessories colors.

White Shitr, A tie

Now, this is slightly serious. A tie makes your outfit more classy and presentable. If you have any meeting in office. You can try this combination.

Make sure not to use a colorful tie. It doesn’t match the outfit and place. The best tie you should be wearing is a Black Tie. Black and grey complement each other.

White shirt, Black Chinos

Kind of similar to the last one. But when you remove your tie it can instantly change the feel.

And with the chinos, you can maintain a semi-formal outfit. That is good for parties or other meeting events.

Outfit 2, T-shirt and Pants

Now in this section. You’ll combination with -t-shirts T-shirt is a great option for wearing a casual outfit or just regular day-to-day wear.

White T-shirt, Black Pants

The most basic combination. It is the best timeless outfit yet stylish. If you don’t have time you can change the shirt to a white T-shirt and you are good to go.

Make sure, adding a white sneaker can your outfit much better.

Black T-shirt, Black Pants

Again an all-time best combination. That I already talked about in the shirt section. Black and gray blend each other perfectly. It’s a timeless solution.

White T-shirt, Jeans

How can we forget about jeans? No chance…

Jeans in universally famous clothing. Jeans are a very versatile option. You can pair it gray blazer with a white T-shirt on top of that. Although, you can tuck your shirt if you want.

But it looks good in both ways. Make sure you are wearing your all accessories.

Black T-shirt, beige Pants

Now it’s slightly different from the normal combinations that I showed.

By the way, Black and beige can match each other, on top you can pair a gray blazer on it. This combination is good for dinner, or any non-formal office events. You can rock this outfit there.

Outfit 3, With Turtleneck

A turtleneck is already quite famous among men. And pairing it with a gray blazer is a good idea.

Before making an outfit, use dark colors like black or navy—and light colors like white.

Because other colors might ruin your outfit, and you’re not gonna look classy. After that use some accessories. That helps to Elevate the look and feel.

Outfit 4, With Sweater

If it is cold enough a single blazer can’t handle it. A sweater might be a great option, that keeps you warm and a sweater is stylish enough.

Just like turtlenecks. If you want to enhance your look. Stick to some basic colors. Because gray is already a light color. So don’t add light colors.

Instead, to be on the safe side. Prefer to wear dark color like black and navy or light color means white only.

Under that, you can pair a shirt if needed. Otherwise, you are ready to go to your place.

Do’s and Don’ts Styling gray blazer

We have seen a lot of green blazer combination, now let’s take a look at what you should “do” and what you “don’t when styling a Gray Blazer.


  • Pair with neutral colors: colors are most important in fashion. If you really wanna look classy. Then pair it with neutral colors. You won’t mess up.
  • Experiment with Textures: Slightly texture doesn’t look bad if you wear them correctly. Because wearing the same can be boring. So you can try a little bit of texture as an experiment.
  • Accessorize Thoughtfully: Accessorize your outfit wisely. A simple watch can enhance the look if it is right for the occasion. This means when you are wearing a classy outfit then don’t pair a sports watch with it.


  • Avoid Oversized Fit: Yes avoid them. These are just short-term trends. and you don’t want a messy look. To dress classy you have to choose well-fitted clothes.
  • Don’t Overdo Patterns: Last point, I talked about wearing texture but not too much. I am clearing, if you want to texture or pattern. Then try with only a shirt. Because when your full attire has a texture or pattern. It doesn’t gonna look good.
  • Stay Clear of Distracting Logos or Graphics: Pattern and texture are different than graphics or logos. Logo and graphics clothes with suit is just gonna make you a kid. That’s why avoid them.


What color shirt goes with a gray suit jacket

Black and white is the most versatile option for a gray jacket. This color not only looks good it can be worn on any occasion.

What trousers to wear with a gray blazer

Black and navy most suited options for gray blazers. Because trousers are mainly worn at formal events, other colors than black or navy don’t look that good with gray blazers.

What Shoes with Gray Blazer

Black or brown for formal and white or black sneakers for a casual place. You don’t have to experiment with shoes. Because minimal shoes always look good.

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