Green blazers are perfect for Rocking your outfit on different occasions. The best part of the green blazer is, it’s a very versatile clothing piece that can pair with most of the outfits.

But if you own a green blazer but are confused about how to style it.

No worries.

In this article, I’ll show you some green blazer combinations that you can wear on different occasions. It can be strictly formal or just a relaxing friend’s meetup.

You are in the right place. Now let’s dive into options.

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Green blazer combinations

With Beige pants and a white shirt

It’s a basic color combination with a green blazer, but still, it’s a stylish option to wear.

A crisp white shirt with well-fitted beige pants gives you a classy look. By the end, try brown accessories to enhance the overall look of your outfit.

After that, you can pair a brown or black tie if you feel confident. If needed. Otherwise, this combo is more than enough.

With a White Shirt and Navy pants

A ready office look. Navy pants are versatile and can be paired with many color blazers. Green is one of them.

White and Navy create a classy look, and a green blazer on top completes the outfit. You can be stylish in the office as well.

The combination of shirt and pants is a little darker side and Black goes well with the Navy color. That’s why, go for black accessories with this combination.

You can wear a tie if needed. The tie can be black or Navy. Perfect options.

With turtleneck

The turtleneck is the best clothing piece for many men. And there’s an obvious reason, it gives you a masculine look.

With a green blazer, it looks good. Just make sure to go for a decent color. The most basic yet most stylish colors can be black, gray, and Navy.

These options are enough, and you don’t need to have dozens of turtlenecks. After that, pair any of them with your green blazer.

If choosing a black turtleneck, so black accessories go well.

With Jeans

Green blazers can be worn on regular occasions. A regular pair of jeans is a perfect option. Light blue jeans or dark blue jeans match perfectly with green color.

At the top, you can wear a crisp white shirt or black shirt.

Now, at the end. Go for sneakers instead of formal shoes, loafers can be an option. But white sneakers help you to maintain the look.

Black shirt and black pants

Pairing a black combo is a stylish option that you can wear. Black color suits almost any color options and green is also one of them.

If going to any party, wedding, or date. You can rock this stylish option on most occasions. To maintain the charm of the outfit, go for proper black accessories as well.

In the end, if you have a black loafer, go for it without any second thought.

Light Blue Shirt

A light blue shirt with a green blazer matches well and gives a presentable look. The light blue color is very acceptable in offices. with a green blazer, it looks much better than it normally does.

Also, wearing the same black and blue combo is kinda boring. Sometimes try unique like white pants at the bottom.

It’s a light combo, perfect to wear brown accessories with this green blazer combination.


You can style your green blazer like a classy man. All you need to follow color matching tips. But still, if you are confused about matching colors. I have shown you 6 green blazer combinations that you can try.

Be confident to try something new. You can learn color matching or outfit ideas at

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What Colour goes with a green blazer?

Colors like blue, black, navy, and white go well with the green blazer. For the bottom, you can wear black or another color based on your shirt choice.

What ties go with green blazer?

The most basic and classy options can be black and navy. This tie can be worn in almost any type of event/occasion. It goes well.

Can I wear a green blazer with jeans?

Jeans are the perfect option for a casual look with your green blazer. Jeans are a very versatile option and also go well with a green blazer.

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