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A lot of people ignore green pants because of their color. They don’t know the potential of green pants.

You can look stylish in your black outfits. If you are bored with wearing the same black outfit all day. So it’s time to make a change.

If you pair the right color you can rock

Green pants with White shirt

White is such a versatile piece. And just like other colors, it can blend with green pants as well. You can wear formal brogues for anything formal.

Otherwise, white sneakers can be a good option for this combination.

Green pants with Red Shirt

Green and red can go with each other. Just make sure your red shouldn’t be too red. I mean it should be saturated. And the same as green. Pair olive green pants and non-saturated red.

This combination is good for any formal event so you can pair a black loafer or other formal shoes. Black because This outfit has some colors and brown shoes might be over.

Green Pants with Navy Pants

Navy blue is a great option with green pants, its dark look can perfectly maintain the look of green pants. You can wear this for any office event.

Pair it up with black shoes and other accessories, it can enhance the look.

Green Pants with a Light Blue Shirt 

Just like navy blue shirts, green also can go with light blue shirts. But to avoid saturated color it grabs attention.

Although, green pants and light blue shirts can be a good option for formal or office wear. 

Green Pants with Pink Shirt

A dashing combination for your special event like a date or wedding. Pink isn’t a common piece. It majorly comes out in really important events. When you want to look dashing.

Accessorize the outfit with a brown color. Pair it up, with brown loafers to complete the look.

Green Pants with Black Shirt

A black shirt can’t look bad on you. Although, it’s a perfect balanced combination for your green pants. Black is a dark color and maintains the color.

This would be better if you have olive green pants because a light-saturated color might ruin the look. And hard to pair on any occasion.

Green Pants with Beige blazer

A Beige blazer is also a choice for some formal occasion in your life. That’s why having some blazer combinations can help as well. Beige color is already a famous choice for men.

For casual events, pair it up with a white t-shirt and sneakers. Otherwise, opt for a white crisp dress shirt with brogues or other leather shoes.

Green Pants with Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is already a versatile yet stylish outfit in the market. You can pair it with olive green pants. This combination is more casual so it’s perfect for any regular day-to-day life.

Pair a sneaker or boots that suits you or what you have to pair.

Green Pants with Navy Blazer

For a place where you have to dress as a classy man. You can try a navy blazer on top of green pants. If you don’t have a navy blazer, make sure to choose a slightly darker shade of navy.

Because green is already a pop color. Then pair this combination with some brown accessories, and make it more appealing.

3 styling tips for green pants

Before ending this article, let’s learn some tips for green pants outfits. So you can make you can experiment with different outfits without making any crashes.

1. Clashing Colors

Color is most important, especially when it comes to styling colored pants. So always give attention when choosing a shirt color. Don’t pair any more saturated colors. I mean Instead of bright red, and pink, get some slightly darker shade.

2. Mismatched Styles

It means, match your bottom vibe. If you are wearing green trousers so dress shirt or blazer makes more sense than any T-shirt. The same as t t-shirt works well with green chinos or jeans.

3. Overly Busy Patterns

The green color is already bold. So when you are styling it, avoid too much pattern that grabs the attention of your outfit. Choose minimal patterns that compliment the outfit.


What color top goes with green pants?

Multiple colors like white/cream/beige/navy/black and so on. All you need to understand neutral colors can be a good choice.

Does a red shirt go with dark green pants?

Yes, a red shirt with green pants is a unique yet stylish combination. To enhance the look make sure to use a darker shade of red. and avoid saturated colors.

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