Grey pants is one of stylish and must-haves. Grey pants can be worn on most occasions if it’s formal office wear or just a normal friend meetup.

In this article, I’ll show you the 7 Best Grey pants matching shirt.

Now without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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1. Grey Pants and White Shirt

White is a timeless piece, you can pair it with grey pants and can make formal attire. You can make this more casual by “Not Tucking” your shirt.

And understand accessories also play a huge role in men’s fashion. Pair formal brogues or derby for the office, and pair slim white sneakers for normal days.

Tip: Avoid big chunky shoes with this combination. Slim shoes and accessories like minimalist watches are best for this combination.

2. Gray pants and black shirt

Grey and black create a sophisticated look. This combination is also kind of popular among men. And almost it suits with any other option like a blazer or overcoat.

Same as like old one. I would suggest you wear black accessories for this outfit. And you’ll be ready for any formal events.

For being casual, try gray chinos and crew crew-neck black shirt with a white sneaker (Not chunky). don’t forget to use accessories. And you are good to go in standing out from the crowd

3. Grey pants and Maroon shirt

If you want a steady impressive look then you must try this outfit. A maroon shirt is already so versatile for any occasion.

This is the perfect outfit for a date or any special event. Make sure, shirt should be fitted, if not, get it tailored.

Brogues or loafers for formal events, otherwise if going to meet someone you can pair a black or white sneaker. Make sure sneakers should be simple Not big and chunky sneakers.

4. Grey Pants and Blue Shirt

Blue shirts can be navy or light blue. Both shirts are one of the most versatile and liked by men. Great for formal events or any meeting.

Make sure, when pairing a light blue, pair brown accessories. and with the navy blue shirt, you can pair any of them, Both complement your outfit.

If you are tucking your shirt, sneakers wouldn’t be a good choice, I’ll say loafer will be best for this.

TIP: wearing it casual? in that case, pair a navy blue shirt instead of light blue. For bottom, pair white sneaker with some slim accessories.

5. Grey Pants and Brown shirt

Pairing a brown shirt with gray pants is a classic option to wear. The sleek sophisticated cool gray tone helps the warm brown shirt to stand out.

No matter, if you are going to an office or a weekend brunch, the subtle contrast between the grey and brown creates a polished and timeless look.

To enhance the overall outfit, use brown accessories including shoes, a watch, belt. This color complements your outfit.

6. Gray Pants and Pink Shirt

Pink shirt Shirt combination with grey is unique option for those ignore pink color to add to their outfits. But If you can pull it off right. You can stand out when people wear the same boring outfit. You can rock light pink.

With that, add brown loafers with same color of watch and belt. These simple stuff adds details in your outfit and elevate the look.

TIP: If you are thinking to wear pink shirt afraid of colors. Ill say start with darker shade of pink, then after some time you can try light color as well.

7. Grey Shirt and Striped shirt

All the options I showed you were of solid colors that are good for formal and also can be used in regular. But a striped shirt is perfect for non-formal events.

The strips add personality in your outfit and good for everyday outfits. Pair sneakers or tassle loafers to complete the look.


As mentioned, I showed you the 7 Best Grey pants matching shirt. the options I showed are safe and don’t need to think before wearing.

Also I have answers this famous question such as,

  • What color belt goes with grey pants
  • What color dress shirt with grey pants

You can try these grey pant combinations options straightaway. And make sure to pair accessories with your outfit. choose the color according to your overall outfit.


Do grey pants go with a black shirt?

You can pair a black shirt with grey pants. This outfit is great for any type of occasion, even going to a meeting, date, or even an office party.

How to style grey pants men?

Styling a grey pant shouldn’t be complicated. if you choose the right color for your shirt like white, black, maroon, blue and other. You can style it. Also, accessories play a huge role when it comes to styling.

What shoes go with grey pants?

Neutral colors like black, brown, and dark brown depending on the shirt color and function. Remember the basic rule, if the outfit is light go for black but the outfit is dark like navy pair brown.

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