If you are confused what color pants go well with gray shirts? So don’t worry about that. The best way to rock your gray shirt is to go for neutral colors.

You can say it’s a shortcut to make your outfit much better. Still, this article shows gray shirt matching pants ideas. That you can copy right away.

With black pants

Black and gray are very versatile options. These colors look insanely good with each other. With that, this combination is perfect business attire.

The basic rule of making a formal outfit is to make it more simple. Use a solid shirt and pants. And a gray shirt black pants is an great way to become more stylish.

With blue jeans

To make something a more relaxed and regular pair. Jeans are the best option to wear. This gives you casual wear.

Blue jeans is a very versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with almost everything. And with a gray shirt too.

You can pair a white pair of sneakers to complete the outfit.

With White pants

A timeless classy way to style a gray shirt. Pair it with white pants and brown formal shoes. If you have a slightly darker shade of gray, it creates a contrast between gray and white. That looks good.

Simple solid pants can enhance your look effortlessly.

With gray

Gray can look good with gray. But make sure of some point before putting it on.

Just like, go for a slightly darker shade of gray then your shirt. Don’t wear the exact same color just as your gray shirt. It works well with black, but not in gray.

You can see this example. When you make a difference with shade it stands out more than jist making a monochrome look.

With Navy Pants

A perfect timeless option for any formal events. A navy blue pants is most commonly formal wear. And if you pair a gray shirt on top of it. You can create something unique.

Because most of the men stick to basic colors like white navy, or black navy. Gray is slightly different yet classy.

With Beige Pants

An instant combination for your regular look. This combination blends well with each other. To make this combination formal, you can pair dress shoes.

Brown color goes well with it. Make sure to use accessories to add a detailed touch in your outfit.


What color pants go with a gray shirt?

colors like beige, white, black, and navy blend well with gray shirts. You can keep changing between these color combinations

Does a gray shirt match with jeans?

A gray shirt with blue denim is the best combination for any casual party or meetup. You can try any shade of blue, it can be a light-washed or darker shade.

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