Styling as a classy man is key to fashion. Your outfit defines you as a man or a boy.

Now let’s learn how to dress classy man.

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1. Focus on Basics

If you want to look classy without spending a lot. So you should try on basic outfits.

Just forget about short-term trends; these are not going to last more than 2 years or maybe shorter.

That’s why, if you are on a budget, avoid these trends for now and spend your money on some basic pieces of clothes.

For example, solid shirts, t-shirts, chinos, trousers, and some jeans as well. At least one pair of jeans, so you can pair it with casual events as well.

2. Make your wardrobe

Making your wardrobe first is the key. Why, because classy doesn’t mean you’ll need dozens of clothes. Classy wardrobes are easy to make. And by the time you can expand your clothes.

As I mentioned earlier, if you just started building your wardrobe. Let me tell you what you should focus on first.

Avoid trends and buy some solids. Instead of oversized T-shirts, get some solid T-shirts. Instead of baggy jeans, get some solid trousers and chinos.

Because these clothes are very versatile, you can make a lot of outfits with these and for any occasion.

3. Use Neutral Colors

Believe it or not, Colors are very important.

You won’t find a classy man who wears an orange shirt with a light blue shirt. Why?

Because it is not even presentable. Neutral Colors are always a good choice when you try to be a classy guy. And this is not only about formal events.

Neutral colors are very versatile and easily can blend. You can’t mess with these combinations.

Let me tell you which are neutral colors.

These colors are neutral colors and the rest of the colors are called “Nonneutral”.

4. Quality not “Quantity”

Instead of focusing on dozens of clothes, buy minimum but quality products.

I am not talking about buying expensive things, but focus and see what you are purchasing. Its quality, its fabric, and other important things.

If you don’t have basic colors yet, then buy them first. This means, if you don’t have quality shirts then buy some. First, colors can be black and white (if you don’t have)

Here are some options,

5. Invest in suits

Suits are a little expensive but “worth it”

Suits are the most classic piece that you should own. But when you buy a suit remember these points.

1. Never “buy” a suit

I mean, don’t just buy a ready-made suit from an online or offline store. Instead, tailor a proper suit from a tailor. Readymade suits have many sizes, a variety of fabrics, colors, and all. But while you are tailoring a suit you’ll get a well-fitted suit that is made for your body.

2. Fitting

A $20 well-fitted suit looks better than an expensive $2000 suit.

Fitting is everything in a suit. And stay away from trends when buying a suit. Suit is worth the investment, that’s why, don’t waste your money on trends.

For example, currently in 2024. Its trend of oversized suits. Avoid them if you are just starting. (Personally, it doesn’t look classy)

To learn more about the “suit buying guide” Read here.

6. Get a great Watch

A watch is men’s jewelry. And never underestimate the watch. Watches play a huge role in men’s fashion. A watch isn’t only for seeing time, it complements your overall outfit.

But, avoid chunky big colorful watches, it doesn’t look classy, instead, it are more like a kid’s watch.

Instead, invest in a good leather strap watch first. Chain is also another good option, buy leather that can be worn on any occasion.

Finally, you can buy any color you want “black” or “brown” because both of these colors are great for anything.

7. Take care of your Clothes

Even if you have a great quality dress shirt, what if you don’t even wash it?

What’s the point of investing such money in Clothes?

That’s why, keep your things in good condition by taking care of it. Because you are on a budget so you should take care of your garments.

For example, fold your clothes after wearing them, wash them properly, check the label of washing instructions, iron your shirts after washing them, and make sure to use a hanger to keep them in good condition.

8. Great shoes

Shoes are the charm of your outfit. And you probably heard that shoes tell a lot about you. To dress like a classy guy, first get some important shoes. That is leather formal shoes.

If you don’t have any formal shoes, then get them first instead of sneakers.

Brown and black formal shoes are very versatile, worn anywhere and with anything.

9. Focus on accessories

Accessories are game changers. It can enhance your outfit look in seconds. That’s why you shouldn’t avoid Accessories.

And don’t complement this, you don’t need dozens of accessories. let me tell you which accessories are good investments.

  1. Watch: A simple leather strap watch can enhance your outfit. And you can wear most of the outfits, formal, casual, semi-formal, and weddings as well.
  2. Handbags: If you regularly travel then you should have a leather handbag instead of regular bags. A leather bag is much more classy than any other bag.
  3. Belt: I know everyone owns a belt. But make sure your belt should be as simple as that. Don’t use a big chunky lock mode belt. A simple good quality brown or black leather belt is enough.
  4. Sunglasses: sunglasses are classy and helpful accessories. Just buy something that suits your face. “That’s it”

You don’t need a lot of Accessories. Keep it as minimal as possible you can.

Just remember, accessories are all about complementing your outfit, not seeking attention.

Winter Wear

The last point but not least.

Winter wear is equally important. That’s why you should buy some classy pieces of clothes.

The basic rule that you should follow is to avoid colorful clothes if you don’t have essentials first.

So what are essentials?

  1. Solid hoodie
  2. Overcoat
  3. Leather jacket
  4. Turtleneck
  5. Denim jacket

These are some classy options in jackets. But if you don’t have any of them, and you are thinking about what you should buy first.

So go for an overcoat and turtleneck first. And buy other jackets like leather and denim. Because an overcoat and turtleneck are extremely classy and show you a more mature person.

Just remember that you can wear the right combination with your turtleneck and overcoat. To learn more about turtleneck outfits check out the articles below.


As we saw 10 tips that help you to dress as a classy man. These are all just dressing tips, remember your confidence reflects about you.

A classy man doesn’t mean just dressing in a suit. Your words, your walk and even your sitting style tell about you.

Ultimately, use these tips to make your dressing better but with that work on yourself s well.

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