A hoodie is a very versatile piece in men’s wardrobe. This is the ultimate solution for winter. But if you are wearing that same combination.

No worries,

In this article, you’ll see How to style a hoodie. It contains Hoodie combinations, styling tips, and more.

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5 ways to style Hoodie

First, we’ll see some Hoodie Outfit ideas.

1. With Denim Jacket

If it’s too cold, you can pair a denim jacket with a hoodie. It can be common colors like black and blue, or if you feel you can pair white and green as well.

With this, pair jeans or chinos. You can keep your bottom dark if wearing a green denim jacket, it helps to maintain the contrast.

Any jeans will work, blue or black, or even grey fade.

Footwear can be sneakers or boots. Because this outfit has multiple layers

2. With Blazer

I know blazers are formal wear, but actually, blazers are very versatile. Also, blazers aren’t only for formal wear.

Pair it whenever you want, and “yes’ ‘with a hoodie as well. You can say it’s great classy casual streetwear.

Make sure your hoodie fits. because an oversized hoodie just ruins this combination and it doesn’t fit you well. Your blazer and hoodie both should be a decent fit.

So you can pair them together.

Add chinos or jeans, and keep the colors in mind. Pair neutral colors.

At the end, white sneakers or black Leather Chelsea boots.

3. With Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been in style for years. And it is still a popular wear in men’s winter wear.

It gives you a tough Manly look. And pairing it with a hoodie gives a casual yet stylish feel.

I’ll say, a black leather jacket is better than other colors because it can be paired with any color of clothing. It means that even if you have a gray, black, or white hoodie it’ll look better with a black leather jacket.

Pair blue/black jeans or chinos (if you want). At the end, add a boot (Chelsea boots is better) or sneakers.

4. With Jeans

A basic well-fitted hoodie and slim-fit jeans are best for a regular day outfit in the cold season. A hoodie adds a casual vibe to your outfit.

If you have a solid gray hoodie like these images, you can pair it a black jeans. because gray and black complement each other.

But are you having a different-colored hoodie? Still, you can pair black jeans, but that doesn’t mean blue Jeans aren’t a bad option. Blue jeans are a classic old piece that never goes out of style.

(You can pair it too, if you want. Both are equally good)

5. With an overcoat

Can I wear a hoodie under an overcoat?

Why not? If you are feeling cold and still wanna look stylish. You can pair an overcoat over a hoodie.

A simple rule is the color of your overcoat. The most common color in overcoats is black. And there’s no problem, but if you want, you should try other colors as well.

Your hoodie also should be solid and neutral colors like black, white, or gray. Because these are the most versatile options.

Styling Tips

Now let’s see what are some styling tips that’ll help you to enhance your style game.


Choosing a good color is more important than styling it. If you bought a bright red colored hoodie, it is hard to make multiple outfits and many people can’t pull it off.

That’s why the common hoodie color,

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey (different shades)

If you don’t have any of them, buy these colors first. These are so versatile, you can make multiple outfits, easy to style, and everyone can pull it off.


When buying your first hoodie it’s better to ignore the quick trends like oversized hoodies. Because these trends do not last long.

And not versatile at all. Your hoodie must be a decent fit, that you can pair a jacket on with. Or you can wear it with jeans or chinos as well.


One more trend is rising is “logos” and “big design” avoid them. If you wanna dress classy, your clothes should be simple and neutral colors.

Avoid those hoodies and get solid hoodies without any design or patterns. With this, you can make multiple outfits.

Final words

Now you know how to style a hoodie for men. One more thing you should keep in mind, keep making new outfit ideas.

Without sticking to the same combination, make a new outfit by changing colors or changing the layering. With that, you won’t get bored with the same outfit.

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