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Overcoats are still in fashion. Nowadays overcoats are much more versatile, you can wear them on most occasions (or maybe any occasion)

You can say it’s essential for cold weather to enhance your game style.

In this article, I’ll show you some overcoat outfit ideas and style tips.

Let’s dive right in.

3 Tips for Style Overcoat

Before jumping into the outfit ideas, first, let’s see 3 tips that help you in styling.

Fit is the key

You can enhance the charm of any outfit by fitting. Fitting is the most important factor while styling an overcoat.

Avoid short-term trends like oversized overcoats, it’s not versatile for any occasion.

Make sure your overcoat is perfectly fitted to your body.

Length Matter

Length also matters in overcoats. The good height is just above the knee or mid-thigh.

This length is good for any height person.

Color is important

Black color is good, but I found black is overrated when it comes to overcoat. Every second person chooses only black.

Try some other options like tan, gray, navy, brown, beige and so on. But yeah, you should stick to neutral colors and don’t buy patterns or overcoats with designs on them.

8 ways to wear Overcoat

Now let’s see 8 ways to style an Overcoat. And I have included both outfits, formal and casual.

Note: In this list, you’ll see multiple color overcoat options.

1. Black T-shirt and jeans 

A Basic plain T-shirt is good for a season when it’s not too cold. If you are comfortable with a T-shirt then pair it.

A good combination for your overcoat. This is perfect for any regular day of your life. Make sure to accessorize your outfit to add details.

2. Gray Turtleneck

When it’s cold enough to wear a double jacket, then a turtleneck can be a good choice. It keeps you warm and stylish as well. If you are still feeling cold, just add a T-shirt under the turtleneck.

For the bottom, we’ll have black jeans, you can pair solid trousers or chinos if you are going to any formal event. Boots will be better footwear.

3. Shirt and Sweater

A shirt and sweater are great options for office wear. If your overcoat is dark colored, go for a color sweater it creates a contrast.

Shirts can be white and don’t need to change the color of the shirt. For the bottom, you can choose according to your event. If not too formal, chinos or jeans can be Good. Again I’ll prefer boots.

4. With Suit

When you are done wearing a proper suit, but you still feel cold. In that case, you can replace your shirt with a turtleneck or you can add a layer of overcoat instead.

Honestly, an overcoat is a better option. First, it’s more classy and second you can take it off when you feel warm.

5 With a waistcoat

Instead of wearing your blazer, pair an overcoat on top of your waistcoat. Your Waistcoat works like a three-piece suit.

You can wear the same color as your suit. It helps to smoothly blend your overcoat into your suit. Otherwise, go for a different color.

6 Denim Jacket

Yes, you can wear an overcoat over a denim jacket. It is a great street-style outfit, you can wear it at your regular Events.

For the bottom, you can go for black jeans or chinos. It creates a contrast in your outfit. At the end, pick a pair of boots because they maintain the overall look.

7 Ripped Jeans

Yes, an overcoat is a formal outfit piece, still, you can pair it with ripped jeans for a street-style look. A white shirt and a scarf enhance the outfit.

After that, a white sneaker and complete the outfit.

8. Shirt and Chinos

For office wear, a dress shirt and trousers then on top of that pair an overcoat. A good combination for going to the office in winter.

Add formal shoes, and accessories to your outfit and you are good to go.


That was the post on How to style an overcoat. These are just some inspiration, you can make multiple outfits with your overcoat.

You can play with colors, you can remove something and add anything to make your outfits. There is no limit.

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