A Navy blue shirt gives a rich look, with that navy color being one of the neutral colors. It looks great.

That’s why navy shirts are kind of popular among men. But still, you are here probably wanting combination ideas from your navy blue shirt.

Okay… This blog post has a list of Navy Blue Shirt Matching Pants ideas.

Navy Shirt with White Pants

Pairing a Navy blue shirt with white pants gives a sophisticated and timeless look. This combination is perfect for warm-weather occasions.

Offering a crisp, clean aesthetic that is versatile and stylish as well. You can wear this combination for most of the occasion, it can be formal or casual.

Just tuck your shirt in and add a tie for office wear, otherwise good for any event.

Navy Shirt with Black Pants

Black color is very versatile, it can enhance almost any outfit. The Navy isn’t behind, it’s also liked by many men.

When combining black and navy, it creates a clean look. This combination is versatile, stylish, and elegant. Again, you can pair a black tie for your office. Otherwise you can pair loafer for formal or semi formal events.

Navy Shirt with Blue Jeans

Now it’s time for something non-formal combinations. Jeans are a great piece to your navy shirt.

If you want to make your outfit stylish, pick a slightly different color of jeans. It means, the color of your jeans should be slightly lighter than a navy Shirt.

Pair a white sneaker or loafer to complete your stylish outfit.

Navy Shirt with Gray Pants

This combination is more of a side-formal event. And you can even wear this for other occasions but it looks cleaner.

You can use this combination for formal events, business meetings, or if you have dinner with clients. This outfit can blend so well.

Navy Shirt with Beige Pants

Beige pants are great, it provides a warm look whereas your navy shirt adds a cool, rich effect. This combination is very versatile.

Make sure, brown color accessories enhance the outfit more than black. If you have proper brown accessories, then pair it. But don’t mix accessories and colors. It can ruin your style.

3 Style Mistakes for Navy Shirt

Avoid this mistake when pairing with a navy shirt. These are just tips that help you to enhance your outfit feel.

Ignoring the Fit

No matter which color you are wearing if your shirt is not even properly. If it is not fitted on your shoulder, chest, and arm. You won’t look classy.

I have shown you pictures, you can see all the outfits are perfectly fitted. So never ignore it.

Overdoing Accessories

Accessories are the best way to elevate your overall outfit instantly. But it can even riun your look in seconds. for example, wearing multiple rings, chains, bracelets, and so on.

If you want to look classy, you really don’t need these, you have to keep things way simple.

I mean, a basic classy watch, a leather belt, tie clip (if wearing), and so on. A basic things you should remember is “keep things simple”

Clashing Colors

Navy blue color is very classy, you don’t need to chase colors. it can ruin your outfit. To look classy, stick to neutral colors.

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Final Words

The Navy shirt is easy to style. All you need to pair some neutral colors follow some tips and you are good to go.

You also seen 5 navy shirt matching pants ideas.

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