Another fashion trend “Old Money Aesthetic” personally after a long-time fashion trend that I love. In case, if you don’t have any ideas about “Old Money Fashion”

Let me explain.

What is Old-money aesthetic?

The Old-money aesthetic embodies a refined and timeless elegance that reflects generational wealth and understated luxury. It’s about classic fashion, fancy brands, old-fashioned furniture, and soft colors.

People who dig this style, are not too flashy. They preferred tailored clothes instead of wearing oversized t-shirts or shirts.

Now you learn what is old money. Let’s see how to style old money.

Creating Old Money Wardrobe

That does not mean you need a full closet of blazers or overcoats. The meaning of old money is to look old-fashioned. This means you don’t need many clothes to set up your wardrobe.

Suits or Blazers

Whenever choosing a suit or blazer. Make sure the fabrics should be good. Suits are slightly more expensive than other clothes. But A suit can last years if you care properly.

If you don’t have a suit, so your first color should be,

  • Navy
  • Black
  • Gray

You can choose any three of them. these colors are so versatile. You can make multiple outfits for any occasion you want.

Remember, old money is about styling like a mature person. Avoid trends like oversized blazers or pop colors, it’s not versatile.

Dress Shirt

Just like a suit. it would help if you understood that a shirt is also important. If you are tailoring the shirts. This is a good choice. With that, you will get a more fitted shirt.

Don’t choose saturated colors, stick to neutral colors that can be paired with your suits as well. Such as black, white, Light blue, and so on.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are classic iconic clothing items. That every man should own. If you are new and building your old money wardrobe on a budget don’t buy multiple colors.

Get 1 or 2 basic colors and slowly expand. Remember, Wardrobe isn’t built in overnight. it takes time.

Dress Pants

Trousers and chinos are perfect dress pants. Just like suits pants also need good tailoring. It can enhance the experience of your outfit if it fits currently.

Also, choose slightly better fabrics for your pants. You aren’t gonna change it every month. that’s why invest some money and buy some good fabrics.


1-2 good quality jeans is more than enough. You can buy light-washed denim and dark-washed or black.

These are very versatile and can be paired in any place. Remember, to be classy. Avoid skinny or baggy jeans. Get one that fits well but is not too tight or oversized.

Slim fits are good.


One black tuxedo is enough. Tuxedo isn’t for regular events. This is for something special as a wedding.

One black tuxedo is more than enough, you don’t need to buy multiple colors. Black is more suitable and classy in tuxedos.


Instead of getting a hoodie buy sweaters. The sweater can elevate your old money style in seconds. The sweater is the charm of old-money aesthetics.

Get some basic colors such as navy, black, cream, etc. Also, you can buy striped sweaters in corners. like this image.


Overcoat or trench coat. These are options when you are done with other things. Then you can buy some of them.

You can check out the “overcoat styling guide” to learn about everything, like colors, fit, accessories, and so on.

Best Accessories

Here you’ll see which are the best accessories for old money. It includes watches, belts, bags, and footwear.


Watches are one of the most important accessories for men. To get the best old money watch, just remember some basic rule

  • Your watches shouldn’t to too big, avoid those watches.
  • Avoid smartwatches. Smartwatches aren’t classy and old money. A classic analog watch is best.
  • Leather straps can be your best friend. Chain watches are also good, but first’ get a leather watch.

Sticking to basic things is always the better approach. Here are 2 best picks from Amazon according to me. You can check them out.

Fossil Townsman

Fossil Neutra


This is not complicated when choosing a bag. Just keep in mind, that your overall accessories colors should be the same. For example, if you wearing a brown leather watch so bag should be the same family color.

It’s a basic rule of color matching. Your shoes, watches, belts, and even bags should be the same color.

You can get this from any online or offline store. Make sure it’ll be leather.


A leather belt isn’t just about your pant fitting. It is an important piece that you need. Whenever you tuck your shirt in. Belt important a huge role.

A brown or black leather watch is a must. Here are my top picks from

Perry Ellis Timothy Leather belt

KM Legend men’s Leather belt


To be a classy man. Your footwear plays a huge role in your outfit. It can make or break your outfit.

Shoes can change the full vibe of your outfit in seconds. But for old-money shoes, I’d recommend first buying leather shoes.

It includes brogues, monk straps, loafers, and other leather shoes. These shoes can be worn in any event.

Here are my picks, you can buy them straight away.

Ferro Aldo Dylan


Grooming and Personal Care

Grooming and personal care are equally important for everyone. It’s not about old money. Having good hair, skin, and facial hair can make or break your look.


You can prefer any old money hairstyle. The basic rule of every style, keep your hairstyle simple. If long hair suits you, then go for it because it’s an amazing hairstyle.

But remember, it’s not only about hairstyle. Care your hair for better hairstyle, better texture, and good hair.

Just do,

  • Shampoo at least once a week. Get a mild shampoo and avoid harsh shampoo that dries out your scalp.
  • Oiling once a week. It is also important to keep your hair healthy. Take a good oil and massage it for a couple of minutes before shower.
  • Healthy Diet. Diet is most important for your hair. So good amount of protein, make sure you are taking important vitamins, and avoid junk food (must).

Simple things can make a huge difference.

Skincare Routine

Don’t overcomplicate this.

A basic skincare routine is enough that you can find on Google. And you don’t need any fancy routine that needs 30 minutes in a day. You don’t need dozens of products of this.

Google it and remember to keep it as simple as possible.

Old-Money Outfits

Old-money outfits are the easiest to make. As you can see some outfit inspiration.

Whenever making an old money outfit. Here are DOs and Don’ts when making an outfit.


  • Muted Colors: Anywhere you see old money outfits, the most common thing you’ll see is their soft muted colors. Pair soft colors like cream, light blue, khaki, navy, and so on. Avoid saturated light colors as much as possible.
  • Fit and Tailoring: Even if you are wearing a polo t-shirt, fitting is the most important. Your every clothes should be well fitted on your body.
  • Accessorize: Try your best to keep it simple. A simple leather watch is enough. You should be over-wearing accessories.


  • Avoid Big Logos: A brand logo can ruin your style. You have a lot of old money outfits And you haven’t seen big ugly logos. Because old money represents the simplicity of fashion. Make your outfit simple and solid.
  • Fabric quality: I already mentioned it earlier, and again doing it because you shouldn’t avoid this. Cheap fabric is easily noticeable and doesn’t look good. I am not saying spend more, but choose good fabric when possible.
  • Shoes: hoes, wear choose according to your overall outfit feel. For example, if you are wearing a polo and loafers suit well. With a suit go for proper formal shoes then loafers might not look good.


That was the guide on “old money aesthetic for men” I’ve completed every topic that you need to follow an old money outfit.

You don’t need to do something different, just buy some clothes (if you don’t have one) and almost you are done. Learn a bit about color matching and rock the look.


can you wear black in old money

Yes, black color is the most versatile option you can pair it with old money outfits. Whether it’s a shirt or a T-shirt. Keep your black solid and do not have any big logo or pattern. Keep it simple.

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