Old-money fashion is kind of popular nowadays for obvious reasons. Old money outfits are easy to make, look classy, and more.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best Old-money shoes for all budgets.

Mainly would be 3 price range

  • $0-100
  • $100-$150
  • $150-$200

In this budget, I’ll add 4 shoes in each category, it will be

  • Loafers
  • Boots
  • Sneaker
  • Any dress shoes (for your suits or tuxedos)

So without further ado, let’s dive right.

I’ve broken this article into 3 sections by price range, so you can jump directly on your budget and find a good pair for you.

Price range $0 – $100

Here you’ll see old money shoes whose max pricing is $100. And have all 4 shoes that a person needs for multiple occasions.

Bruno Marc Chelsea Boots

Sole materialThermoplastic Elastomers
Outer materialPolyurethane (PU)
Water resistance levelNot Water Resistant

Bruno Marc is already featured in our blog. Because the price they offer is great. It comes to around $40 and has multiple options.

You can find, suede, leather, and multiple color options. This Bruno Chelsea boot is made with PU leather and is not water-resistant at all.

But if you just stare out, it can be a good start. By the way, these shoes have more than 12,000 ratings on Amazon.

Calvin Klein Jay

Sole materialSynthetic Rubber
Outer materialLeather

Our 1st loafer is from Well known brand “CK”—You heard about it.

This is a good wardrobe essential that is made of leather, and it uses synthetic rubber for the sole, which is durable and if you care properly, it lasts long.

It has 2 colors black and brown, you can pick whatever you like, although they also have a suede loafer.

Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt

Sole materialRubber
Outer materialLeather

I picked these shoes for some reason—it made with classic leather, lightweight, and the design of this sneaker.

It has a super minimalist design that suits all occasions, and this is lightweight.

You won’t ignore this, they have 5 colors, and every color is classy just like the old money style (also have a white)

Just like Brumo, it is also damn popular on Amazon, with around 15,000 ratings.

Bruno Marc Oxfords

Sole materialRubber
Outer material100% Synthetic

Again I’ve added a Brumo shoes because of the pricing they offer. And I tried to keep it in the budget for those who just started.

That’s why, and Brumo Oxford shoes fill the space. And probably meny people know about this that is why this is a best seller with 9,700 ratings.

Currently, they have 6 different color options to choose from, and none of them is more than $100 (not even close)

Price Range $100 – $200

Now you’ll see what is more than $100 and the max price would be $200. Now you’ll see better quality shoes.

Ariat Booker Ultra Western

Outer materialfull-grain leather
Sole materialRubber

Ariat Chelsea boots are made with full grain leather, if you don’t know, full grain leather. Read it.

They also provide you with many colors and suede boots too. So you don’t have to go anywhere to find other varieties.

The sole is made with rubber and it’s a lightweight shoe.

Steve Madden Ramsee

Sole materialRubber
Outer materialSuede

This is a suede loafer that comes from Steve Madden, the colors they provide are slightly different, it’s not like regular black and brown.

They offer some neutral colors that are good for everyday outfits. But they don’t have leather loafers; you can check out this one.

Oliver Cabell Low 1

Sole materialRubber
Outer materialFull Grain Leather

Oliver Carbell is known for its minimal-style sneakers. They make quality shoes at a reasonable price.

This “Low 1” is made with full grain leather and a sole made with rubber that makes it durable and it’s even a lightweight shoe, only 11.4oz.

Clarks Mens Malwood Lace

Sole materialEthylene Vinyl Acetate
Outer materialLeather

Clarks already has a good reputation in formal footwear. And you can consider their shoe at the price of around $200.

The material is similar to the previous one, it uses the leather and sole made with ethylene vinyl acetate.

Price Range $200 – $300

Now in this range, you’ll see branded shoes. If you have good, you can prefer branded shoes for your wardrobe.

Thursday Boot’s Duke

Sole material100% Leather
Outer materialRubber

Thursday boots are famous because of their boots. They made such good quality boots at hones prices.

Their leather one (that I’ve mentioned) is made with leather and their studded rubber sole gives you extra grip. Flexible elastic makes it easy to slip on.

And when it comes to price, it’s around $200, but with good quality.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Yeezy 350 is a comfortable sneaker, it’s different from what you expect like a minimal leather sneaker. For that, you can take a look at this one.

Otherwise, I’ve added this because of its black color, which is kind of minimal looking, and for regular days or workouts, this shoe can be a good pair.

Cole Haan Classics Penny

Sole materialPolyurethane
Outer materialLeather

The color of this cole haan’s loafers gives a feel of an old money outfit. The cream color with a slightly darker shade on the bottom makes it unique and appealing.

If You Don’t like the color, don’t worry, they have multiple color options, you can check them out.

The material is almost the same as that used in this shoe. There is nothing special material here.

Final Thoughts

This article ends here. I’ve inclded 11 Old money shoes, You probably found a good pair for you.

Yes! I haven’t added a dress shoe in the last section. because the reason is you don’t need to spend this much on dress shoes. Around $200 is enough to find a good pair.

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