When everyone sticks to Neutral color options to be on the safe side in fashion. But if you’ll pull in the right way. You can stand out.

A pink shirt is a color Shirt that can look good and presentable simultaneously if you follow some color-matching tips.

But don’t worry about this, in this article, you’ll see 6 Pink shirt-matching pants ideas that you can use. These are options that can go with a pink shirt.

Now let’s dive right in.

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Pink shirt with white pants

Pink is already a hot color and white is also a light color. But the combination of pink and white is presentable. And it can easily go with office wear.

Pink shirt with blue jeans

If you don’t want a formal outfit and just want to go on a friend’s meetup. in that case, jeans can go with a pink shirt. Jeans are a versatile piece of cloth. And with proper color matching, you can rock.

And pink shirt is a good combination that creates a causal look for an overall outfit. That’s why sneakers should be your choice, not Formal shoes. It will ruin your outfit.

Pink Shirt with Black Pants

Black formal pants or chinos can easily increase your look. Because black can make any outfit good. You can go with black jeans for casual and formal pants for the office or any other formal event.

For a formal look choose a black or dark shade of tie to match it perfectly. And match your Belt and shoes. I’ll say brown is good but if you are going to wear black then change your tie too. Make proper black accessories.

Pink Shirt with Navy Pants

Navy color is kind of formal side. And matching pink with navy pants is a good idea but not for casual occasions. A Navy and well-tucked pink shirt is the presentable outfit.

at the end finish your outfit by putting a brown boots or any other formal shoes. Match your shoes with a belt and other accessories like a watch.

If you want to wear a navy suit with pink, you can pair. It will go with it and look so good.

Pink Shirt with Grey Pants

For intense office wear, then grey pants should be your choice. The grey color is so acceptable in formal events and the contrast between Pink and grey is presentable.

You can pair it with grey formal trousers as formal or you can wear grey jeans for another suitable occasion. Also remember, black color accessories will look much better for this combination. for example, a Belt, a watch, or shoes.

you can check this 7 Grey pants matching shirt article to get more ideas.

Pink Shirt with Beige Pants

A pink shirt matching a beige is a classy option and the great thing is, that it is easily pairable and suited for every occasion. Whether you are going on a friend’s meetup or attending a meeting.

You need to tuck your shirt and use formal accessories to get a classy look. at the same time put on a pair of sneakers (white looks better) and don’t tuck a shirt for a casual outfit.


Some men don’t wear pink because they think it’s a girlish color. But be honest, you can rock with the pink color shirt.

I have shown you 6 combinations with pink shirts that you can try if before you were confused about color matching. This is a simple pink shirt matching pants list.

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Can I wear a pink shirt with brown pants?

You can. Brown paint is mainly good for formal events. However, you can make it casual by adding sneakers. But it looks much better in the classy option.

Does a pink shirt go with navy pants?

As already mentioned, the Navy color is suitable and matchable with a pink shirt. Best for formal events like a meeting or any other business events.

What shoes go with the pink shirt?

Depends on the occasion. Brogues for formal and sneakers for casual.

How do you style a pink shirt?

If you wanna style your pink shirt and wanna look good in it. Then remember, match your shirt and pants that can go with it. And work on fitting.

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