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Polo shirts are in Trend because of the Old-money aesthetic. Nowadays everyone wants to dress like old money.

That’s the big reason for polo shirt trends because polos are gold of old money. And in this article, we’ll see ways to wear a polo.

So you can make multiple outfits without ruining your style.

Polo Shirt With Jeans

Jeans are a classic timeless piece, they can pair with anything—a Polo shirt with one of them.

Pairing a polo shirt with jeans is a great combination for regular days. This is super easy to pair, make sure.

Your jeans should be slim fit, avoid skinny jeans and oversized (if you are not wearing an oversized fashion)

With that, pairing the right color accessories is also a game changer. This is a casual outfit so you can wear a sporty watch or a classy watch as well.

Polo With Chinos

Our next combination with “chinos

This combination is easy and versatile, for many occasions. Although with that this is a perfect option for summer wear.

Chinos are also lightweight and polos are already a well-known piece of cloth.

Styling tips

  1. Your chinos colors matter a lot. You have to make an outfit that complements other clothing not “grab the attention”
  2. Fit is another important aspect of creating a good sophisticated outfit. I always prefer slim fit over skinny fit.
  3. Wearing casual watches like sports watches doesn’t go well with this combination. It’s better to choose a good quality leather watch.

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Polo with Blazer

Polo is a new word of versatility. Because it can be worn with most of the clothing pieces. (Just like Black)

A blazer is already a classy piece, and when you combine 2 classy pieces, you’ll end up with stylish classy outfits.

Styling Tips

  1. If you are pairing your polo with a blazer for something formal, prefer a black, white, or navy polo. Although other neutral colors like beige, and gray look good I’m talking about formal events.
  2. Avoid jeans in the bottom, sometimes it doesn’t look appropriate. The good option will be chinos. You can pick the same color as a blazer or try something different.
  3. Don’t mistake in shoes. Perfect shoes that complement your outfit are loafers. Other formal shoes like brogues or monk-strap are too formal for this combination.

Polo With Overcoat

The overcoat is an old-money price. But the craze hasn’t ended and hasn’t gone out of style for years.

It is a classy piece for winter. And if you wondering,

Can you wear an overcoat over a polo?

You can pair an overcoat with a polo shirt. It is the best alternative to shirts.

Styling tips

  1. The length of the overcoat is metter for occasions. Remember, a couple of inches above the knee is considered the more casual side and longer is more formal.
  2. Don’t settle on the same colors. I mean, I know black is best for anywhere, but you should try different colors as well like gray, camel, tan and navy.
  3. Boots will be better for this combination because of the bulky overcoat. Boots help you maintain the look.

Polo with Jacket

As I already said, polo shirts are very easy to style for most outfits.

Our next combination with jackets can be any jacket such as denim, leather, trucker, or even sweaters.

The only thing to keep in mind is “color matching”

A simple tip to follow is “keep it simple” As long as you are sticking to it, you’ll rarely ruin your style.

Final Thoughts

As I showed you 6 ways to wear Polo.

If you are still reading, I wanna say (Thank you first) keep your outfit as simple as possible. These are just some ways to wear it.

But matching a right top with the right bottom is important. And if you find this too complicated, then “keep it simple”

What is the best outfit for a polo shirt?

A chinos is a great option to wear polo shirts. It gives you a classy feel with an old-money touch. If it’s too cold, opt for a blazer or overcoat on it.

Can you wear an overcoat over a polo shirt?

Yes, wear an overcoat over a polo shirt. Best for semi-formal occasions or any other regular events.

Can you wear jeans to polo?

To make a smart casual outfit. Yeah, you can pair blue/black/gray jeans with a polo shirt, Make sure, to pick a neutral color polo shirt, it will blend with anything.

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