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Which colour suits on dark skin males? you think about this question if you have dark skin. Dont worry…

Fashion is all about wearing that suits you to make yourself more confident. If you have dark skin that doesn’t mean there is something wrong.

It’s just a facial complexion. You can look good just put on the right colors that complement your skin tone.

And I’ll show you the best shirt color ideas for dark-skinned people.

1. Maroon/burgundy

The maroon color is your good choice. It doesn’t show your face darker instead it complements your overall skin tone.

Pair it with white pants, black pants or gray, and so on. You can check our Maroon shirt matching pants guide to find the best bottom.

You can enhance the look by adding some accessories and you are good to go.

2. Gray Shirt

You can say it’s a kind of replacement for black. When you don’t want to wear black gray can be good. Try its other shade as well.

One of the best bottoms for a gray shirt is black. Black and gray create a sophisticated and stylish look.

According to your occasion, pair formal or casual sneakers.

3. Olive Green

These earthy tone colors are never gonna look bad on you. Until you are buying the right shade. Make sure to always buy something that is more dull and not saturated.

Saturated color just grabs attention and makes your skin darker. Choose a dull color that doesn’t grab attention but instead complements your skin tone.

The bottom can be black or white for special occasions. And jeans

4. Navy Blue

Instead of a light blue, ill prefer to go for a navy blue shirt. Because navy blue isn’t a saturated color and gives richness to your outfit.

Also Navy is a very versatile color, it can handle any occasion. You can pair the right combo that makes your outfit for anywhere.

A black can be perfect for a navy shirt for formal events, Otherwise, regular jeans can be good for regular days.

5. Classic White

Don’t think white doesn’t look good on you because of your skin tone.

Instead, the white color doesn’t grab attention, it enhances your look. I can say white is only a light color that can be white anything.

For making a formal setting pair it up with a black suit or just black trousers. For a regular vibe grab light-washed denim and opt for sneakers.

Make sure to accessorize the outfit, which can enhance the look by 10 times.

6. Black

First of all, Black color doesn’t make you dark.

Black color is timeless and the ultimate clothing piece that you missing by any misunderstanding. Pair black on your regular days, office, and special events.

Pair it with a Black, navy, white, or beige for any formal-related time. Other times pair something casual like jeans with crisp white sneakers.

7. Pink

Pink can be stylish on any skin tone if you pair correctly. First of all, when you purchase any pink shirt make sure to go for a non-saturated color.

Pink should be slightly darker and duller in color. After that pair it with any dark bottom like black and navy. You can prefer black denim for regular days.

But dark bottoms help to maintain the contrast of your outfit.

8. Brown

You can wear a brown shirt for your date, office, or other life events. Brown color doesn’t show your face darker.

A dark or sometimes light-like white bottom is a great choice to make different outfits with the same shirt.

9. Purple

Purple is like pink. With the right color shade, it can make or break your outfit. I’ll suggest again, staying away from colors that grab the attention of the crowd.

Slightly darker shades are always good. For the bottom, keep it dull, because purple is already a light color.

For a balanced combination, black chinos or trousers can be good options.

3 Styling Tips for dark skin Men

Experiment with pattern

Patterns like stripes, dots, or checks can add interest and personality to your outfit. Pair a pattern shirt with solid t-shirts.

Color tone

it doesn’t mean only these colors will look good on you. You can choose many colors just to make sure it shouldn’t be too loud. And match a perfect bottom to maintain your look.

Pay attention to fit

Fitting is also important in styling shirts. It doesn’t relate to your skin tone. No matter which skin tone you have you must wear a well-fitted shirt.

A badly fitted shirt can break your style in seconds.


Which shirt color is best for dark skin?

Neutral colors Like beige, gray, white, black, navy, and so on. These colors are very stylish and classy. You can try

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