The Starboy aesthetic is currently trendy fashion. The Starboy aesthetic is about the sleek, edgy vibe, high fashion, streetwear, and fast cars.

Especially on Pinterest, the Starboy aesthetic is growing. Many men are trying these outfits to match the trend.

But, in case. Do you have any doubt about this,

No worries,

This article contains all the information about the Starboy aesthetic, such as


You can buy these essentials to make your Startboy aesthetics game much better. It contains some jackets, T-shirts, and some other clothing pieces.

Leather jacket

If you ever searched about starboy outfits, you saw this. Black jackets are very popular now because of this.

You can check out this Tommy leather if you haven’t yet.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

A Big Known Brand “Tommy Hilfiger” You can check out its leather bomber jacket that comes under $80. It’s a good faux leather jacket. You can start from here.

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are one of the important clothing pieces p in Starboy.

The Starboy aesthetic is about dark colors. That’s why I prefer darker colors instead of bright light colors.

Note: You don’t need too much clothes for it. because everyone has a white and black solid shirt for pairing. And other T-shirts.


I’ve mentioned a short definition of the starboy aesthetic. But if I tell you how to make a starboy outfit, it becomes so easy to make new combinations regularly.

How to make a starboy outfit?

  • Darker Color: Prefer darker colors like black, navy, and soft gray. In starboy aesthetics, black color plays a huge role.
  • Contrast: Contrast by using a white/off-white shirt or t-shirt. It enhances your look instantly. You can pair it with a blazer or jacket.
  • Outerwear: pair leather jackets on top of any shirt that contrasts both clothing pieces. But it should have an edgy vibe.
  • Jeans: many times you’ll see black denim jackets to make darker outfits. So pair a black denim jacket with a jacket, or you can take other designer pants as well.


Adding small details with accessories. But you don’t need to buy every single piece in this world. Here are the budget-friendly accessories that you need.

Leather Belt

It is not only for pants adjustment, nowadays belts have become fashion accessories, that complete the outfit.

Perry Ellis Leather Reversible Belt

A good reversible leather belt so you don’t need to buy 2 belts. It is made with Bonded Leather. The size of its belt is 32-40 Inches.


A wallet is also a part of accessories but many people don’t talk about this. And a black leather wallet is important.

Not only for a matching thing but also for carrying your cash, “No one likes messy notes” That’s why a good quality wallet is a must.

Timberland Men’s Blix Slimfold Leather Wallet, Black, One Size

Timberland’s sleek leather wallet is a good option if you find it on a budget. It comes under $20 and provides 4 different color options. (But black is suggested)


Bags are not very important but when you travel, your bags also count as accessories. So if you are still using that pattern design bags.

Then, I guess you should leave it. Because leather bags look classy and give a rich vibe. But I would suggest, making your wardrobe first.

Then, you can come on these purchases.

Baosha Travel Duffel Weekender Bag

Baosha leather bag isn’t like a small bag. It is a big bag for your travel needs. it is made with soft faux vegan leather, which means it doesn’t hurt animals.


If you are waiting for watches, now your wait is over. “So” which type of watch you should buy?

I would say, minimal design watches are good options. because these are very versatile and don’t need to buy multiple watches for every occasion.

A simple watch works better.

MVMT Classic II

MVMT Classic II is slightly expensive but it provides good value too. But for budget, I would say check out this popular watch on Amazon


I’ve added a different section for shoes because shoes have a lot of things and categories to cover.

The first basic rule that you have to understand is, don’t buy many shoes. Instead, buy only what you need.

First, if you don’t have Solid White sneakers then get that first.

Cole Haan Men’s Grand Series Jensen Sneaker

This white sneaker is made with good quality material and It will be enough for white shoes. “Cole Haan” is a well-known name in the shoe market.

Our next footwear will be Boots. This Starboy trend has a different fan base of boots. But in case you don’t like boots.

Then I would say don’t spend too much on it. First, give it a try with this one

Bruno Marc Men’s Chelsea Ankle Boots 2.0

Bruno Marc can be a good start for your boots journey. It is made with vegan leather, that’s why it is cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

That was the starboy aesthetic guide. I tried to mentioned everything that you need.

This is also an trend just like other, no one knows when it become invisible. But keep up With (Good) trends is amazing.

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