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Brown shirts aren’t too common in menswear. But it can stand you out from the rest.

And if you have a brown shirt and think “What color pants go with a brown shirt?” colors like white, navy, and black always suit you best.

But we can only stick to these 3 colors. We have more options that can go with brown shirts.

In this article, you are gonna see a brown shirt combination.

What color pants go with a brown shirt

Brown shirt with white pants

To make your outfit for special days, white can add a touch of royal and classy to your outfit. Add white pants with your brown shirt

The best thing is that it can also blend smoothly with your brown shirt. Accessorize your outfit with Black or brown, both match with this combination.

Brown shirt with navy pants

To make something formal for your Business or office, navy pants are a good combination. After wearing the same light blue shirt in offices.

At least brown adds a different touch to your outfit, and navy trousers help to maintain the color.

Brown Shirt with Black Pants

A timeless and super versatile option for any occasion. Whether it’s a formal business meeting or just a regular friend’s meeting.

The combination of brown and black does not grab the attention but provides a detailed classy look.

Make sure to play with accessories, it’s a really enhance the look.

Brown Shirt with jeans

Jeans are everyone’s favorite. And why not, it’s the ultimate option for casual wear. It is super versatile and can be worn with most pairs.

A Brown shirt and blue jeans make a good combination, you can choose some different shades of color like light-washed or dark-washed.

Any jeans will look good, or you can directly pick a pair of black jeans if you want. Pair it with slim white sneakers or casual loafers to finish the outfit.

Brown Shirt with Beige pants

Beige and brown kind of look the same but not really. You can say that beige is a light Version of brown.

But these are dark and light combinations that’s why they look good together. But it might not be too formal.

Perfect for any regular day, or just a little special day. You can pair it with white sneakers and make sure to properly use accessories. And

Brown Shirt with Gray Pants

A good pair and slightly different for your office wear than other boring combinations that you used to wear.

Style your brown shirt with gray pants, and rock the look in the crowd. To enhance the look, pair brown accessories with well-tucked shirts, belts, and brown formal shoes.

Brown Shirt With Olive Pants

Olive green pants and brown shirts aren’t common and probably some people aren’t gonna try it. Because of its color combination.

But for real, you can try this combination and still look good, just make sure your shirt and trousers are fitted. (Fitting is a Game Changer)

Then, add some black accessories to maintain the contrast, and finally, tuck your shirt if going to the office. Make sure, your olive green trousers should be dull and not too saturated.

Final Thoughts

As I have shown you how “What color pants go with a brown shirt” 7 Combination that you wear in your day-to-day life if you run out of ideas.

If you style something, there is very little chance that you’ll ruin your outfit. Here at Dappermix, we publish content about fashion, how to style, color combination outfit ideas, and more.

Can I wear navy pants with a brown shirt?

Of course, you can style your navy pants with a brown shirt. Navy provides a richness of your outfit and blends with a brown shirt.

Can I wear jeans with a brown shirt

It is the most acceptable combination for any regular day-to-day events.

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