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If you are confused What shoes go with a tuxedo? Don’t worry…

In this article, you’ll learn everything that you need to learn about shoes for a tuxedo.

Basic of Tuxedo Look

The basic understanding of the tuxedo look. You rarely see a colored tuxedo. Because in tuxedo black color is most popular and common.

And its obvious reasons.

A tuxedo is a formal outfit and much more classy than just a suit. That’s why your shoes can’t be sneakers. If you going to a wedding, formal shoes must be your choice.

Now let’s see the type of Tux Shoe page.

You can jump directly on shoe type and recommendation.

Type of Tuxedo Shoes

Before seeing the shoes of the tuxedo. Accept that 99% of tux shoes are black. And if you want to maintain that formality on your outfit.

There are a couple of shoes that you can wear tuxedo such as Oxford, Loafer, velvet slippers and sometimes derby.

1. Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are the most acceptable shoes for the tuxedo because of their amazing shine that suits the tuxedo.

Credit TLB Mallorca

A patent Oxford should be your choice but you can opt for a leather non-patent Oxford when you polish it well.

The shine of oxford shoes shows the more formality for oxford shoes that we want we wear a tuxedo. And other shoes like brogues are different. (I’ll talk about later)

Keep it simple, and try to avoid decoration as much as possible. Because a tuxedo isn’t a regular outfit.

2. Loafers

If you have a question “Can you wear a loafer with a tuxedo?”

Yes! you can but Not all loafers are good for a tuxedo. As I talked about the formality of Oxford shoes. You have to maintain it here too.

Credit: ETSY

Avoid designs on your loafers, and keep them simple. Some loafers come with a tassel that we call tassel loafers.

You should avoid them, it is more like the casual side. Go for patent loafers and the minimal design possible to maintain that minimal sleek look.

Not a fan of Shine?

In that case, you can prefer a leather minimal loafers sometimes. Remember you can make a style statement when you get them perfectly.

And ignore all of the designs that are on loafers for a tuxedo. Those are good for a normal suit but not for a tuxedo.

3. Velvet Albert Slipper

Sometimes it’s not too formal like it’s not your wedding. And if you are wearing a tuxedo to someone’s wedding, in that case, velvet slippers can be a good choice.

Credit: crockettandjones

Although, these don’t shine, but give a formal classy vibe because of their velvet material. You have to take care of these shoes more than leather.

Again, just like other shoes, velvet is slightly semi-formal but don’t buy designs in it. It won’t look classy at all.

4. Derby

I am not a big fan of derby because Oxford looks pretty much the same.

Credit: the jacket maker

But if you love wearing a derby, you can do it. Just make sure it doesn’t have any pattern or design. Choose the black color, patent derby is better.

Derby is on this list because Derby and Oxford are kind of the same thing except for their laces. The right shoe can blend smoothly with a tuxedo.

Best Tuxedo Shoes

Finding the perfect shoes can be slightly difficult.

So here you’ll see the best shoes for your tuxedo. And I’ll only include these 4 types of shoes that I’ve talked about.

Every shoe is from Amazon, with all the ratings and other useful information.

Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Oxford Shoes

Not too flashy. But if you are not a big fan of Shine. Then Bruno Marc is a good option in Oxford shoes. This is not too shiny but has a decent shine that looks good.

Material PU

Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Oxford Shoes Classic

Another Bruno shoes for patent shoe fans. This is a good choice for Oxford shoes under $50. It is made with PU and has a 7900+ rating on Amazon.

Material PU

UUBARIS Mens Velvet Loafers

UUBARIS gives a clean sleek look that we need for our tuxedo. Made with velvet with rubber sole. A Simple loafer with no design or pattern. A good choice under $50

Material Velvet
Sole Material Rubber

Bruno Marc Patent Loafers

One more shoe from Bruno. the reason they provide such variety at a reasonable price. The patent loafer is also an option, that we already talked about. 1300+ rating on Amazon with a 4.6 start. Also under $50. Must check it out.

Material PU
Sole Material Rubber

Final thoughts

It is too simple to get the perfect shoes that match your tuxedo and help to stand out. Just a quick summary,

Make sure, your tuxedo shoes should be too flashy design and any other pattern just like brogues. Brogues is kind of a casual side not too formal for a tux.

Now, I covered everything about “What shoes go with a tuxedo

You can buy any of our recommendations, these shoes are popular on Amazon. And these are not sponsored.

Can I wear a derby with a tuxedo?

Yes, you can… Just keep a close eye on the design when buying one. A simple derby can stand out with your tuxedo. Design derbies are good for casual or semi-formal events.

Can I wear an Oxford with a tuxedo?

Oxford is just gold when it comes to tuxedo. Patent Oxford is always recommended but sometimes if you are not a fan of shiny, then you can have a leather Oxford. But keep it well polished so it looks good.

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