White is classy when it comes to clothing. And blazers these days are like food, it’s essential. Every man should own at least one white blazer if you want to level up style games.

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Now let’s get right into this article, where you’ll see white blazer combination from casual parties to formal business events

With T-shirts

T-Shirts are a great combination if pairing a casual or regular outfit to meet friends or go out. Remember, solid t-shirts create a classy look.

Black t-shirt

Another classy option. Black color is very versatile that’s why it can be paired with almost any color blazer. When you add a black tshirt it creates a contrast to your outfit.

After adding black accessories like shoes, watches, and belts. Because accessories can enhance the overall look.

Gray T-shirt

The gray T-shirt looks great with white. To style this combination, grab black pants for the bottom to maintain the contrast between the outfits.

With polo t-shirt

Make a casual or regular outfit for hanging out with friends or just a street-style look. Pair a polo T-shirt with jeans or chinos. Finish the outfit with clean white sneakers.

With T-shirts

Suppose you want to create an outfit just for going to any party. Pair dark blue jeans with a crisp white shirt. This outfit doesn’t look too casual. You can pair brown formal shoes with this combination.

Make sure, if pairing formal shoes. So tuck your shirt in, and use a leather belt that matches your shoe’s Material. (Means the same color as your shoes).

Pant, Shirt Combination

Now let’s look at shirt combinations that can level up your style game in the fashion era.

These combinations can work on most occasions. 

With a White shirt and pants

White pants and a shirt make a full white outfit. And it’s obvious, the full white outfit is for special events. If you have a white blazer, you can pair it with a white combo.

This combination is perfect for wedding events. After that, you can pair black or brown accessories. Both can pair fluently.

With the shirt, navy pants

A classic combination. A crisp white shirt always looks more presentable. For the bottom, a navy blue color is a great option. This can be your office wear or any other Business event.

Navy, and white blend with each other smoothly. And complement your look as well.

Black pants, black shirt

If you are having a night party or wedding. Most of you definitely wear a black combo with a black shirt and pants. It’s the same thing. Just put a White blazer on top of that.

This is an timespless outfit inspiration that shows you much classy and stylish at the same time. Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Make sure to go for black accessories, it elevate the look.

Blue shirt, navy pants

You can make an office wear in minutes. Grab your light blue shirt with navy blue pants (It can be trousers). You can pair a blue or black tie to look more dressed.

Printed shirt, matching pants

If bored with simple solid colors? Now it’s time to pair some colors in your outfit. You can pair a printed shirt, it can be dotted, striped, or any other.

Be careful while choosing a shirt color. It’s better to go for a darker shade because your blazer is already a bright color. A darker shade helps to create a contrast. Then match a pants color that compliments your outfit.

Like, if pairing a navy printed shirt, your colors can be gray or black. Or if going with a black printed shirt then navy, gray, Black, or other neutral colors.


Yes, it is very easy to style a white blazer. Just make sure to pair some neutral colors that compliment your white blazer. If you don’t want to experiment, try white, black, light blue, and navy blue to be always dressed.

Just understand, darker color shirt goes well with a white blazer. Because it create an contrast between shite and blazer.

Ultimetly, I have shown you 8 white blazer combination that can copy right away.

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