White color is the favorite color of men in fashion as black. But still, many people are confused about the perfect shirt color ideas for white pants.

Black pants are easier to style because of their color. But white gives you a different sophisticated classy look.

Sometimes people think “What color shirt goes well with white pants” and here is the solution.

In this article, you’ll see a lot of white pants combination shirt ideas that you can try on your events.

Now let’s find out.

White pants with Blue shirt

Navy blue or light blue is perfect for going to a formal event or semi-formal. Navy color is already a classy color option to wear. And matching it with white enhances the overall look.

To complete the outfit, pair well-matched shoes. I’ll recommend you go for a brown pair of shoes or a slightly light color like tan.

Brown shoes maintain the outfit. And add subtle accessories. Make sure to pair the same color accessories from top to bottom. Like your watch belt, and shoes.

White Color pants with Olive green shirt

Making a perfect outfit isn’t too difficult. Suppose you are bored of wearing the same colors. If yes, then you must try this combination.

An earthy color always looks good. And when you pair it with a perfect color you can rock the outfit.

And an olive green with white pants is perfect for going to any event. White chinos are perfect, not trousers.

In the end, a pair of Brown accessories can warm up your look.

White Pants with Blue Denim Jacket

Were you bored with a regular shirt? A denim jacket can be your next outfit. It’s a great option if you have any casual events to go to. A denim shirt or jacket with a different texture gives you a perfect look.

And pulling off a denim jacket isn’t hard or complicated. When you pair it with white jeans means you are already well dressed.

Sneaker is perfect for this outfit. A denim jacket gives you a casual vibe and formal shoes can make it odd if you are not wearing them for going office.

Now it’s time to enhance the overall look by adding some detailing to your outfit. Yes, it’s accessories. A normal thin watch is enough.

White Pants with Sweater

White pants with sweateer

Adding a sweater with white pants makes a casual and ready-to-go outfit. If you are going to meet your friends and don’t have much, in that case, a sweater is a good option.

You can pair many color options with white pants. Some go-to options can be beige, black, or grey. These are classy color options for sweaters.

While you are not going office, you can pair your favorite sneakers to complete the outfit.

White pants with a black shirt

White pants with black shirt

The black shirt looks good on almost any bottom. But still, when you pair it with a neutral color it becomes more stylish.

The black shirt is perfect for any occasion whether going to an office, a meetup, or even a wedding. Because black and white contrast gives you a royal look. And you can become a stylish person with minimal effort.

To make it better you can pair a blazer on top of the shirt. That can be grey, navy, brown, or even black.

In the end, black color accessories complement the overall outfit like black leather belts, shoes, and watches.

White Pants with Leather Jacket

White pants with leatehr jacket

White pants are a very versatile option for clothes, and they can be paired with a leather jacket and can look stylish.

A leather jacket also helps you to give a tough look, that’s why many men choose a leather jacket over a denim jacket. Because it gives you a boy look. You can put any color T-shirt under the leather jacket. But don’t go for too saturated color. Pattern t-shirt works as well.

To maintain the whole outfit, if you have a leather sneaker you can style it with this combination.

White Pants with Bomber Jacket

Streetstyle outfits have gone viral in recent years. A Bomber Jacket is an option that you can style in casual events. A subtle and non-saturated color is perfect for a bomber jacket to make it versatile.

If you don’t have one, you can buy from Amazon, Flipkart, or anywhere you want.

To complete and style the outfit, you can wear some simple casual accessories such as a sports or normal watch with a pop of white sneakers. And you are done to go.

White Pants with Overcoat

whte pants with overcoat

The overcoat is classy and stylish too. And a good color with white pants can enhance the look. Overcoast is already a classy piece and when you style it right. You can stand out from the crowd.

To style it pair a decent color of overcoat. popular colors are grey, black, camel/beige. These colors are easy to style and very versatile they can go for any occasion.

Then put a plain solid T-shirt under an overcoat. In the end, pairing loafers or sneakers works as well. But loafers help to maintain it because it is kind of a semi-formal outfit.

Full White Outfit

A special outfit for your special event. Often men wear white for their very special moments. It can be a wedding. it is obvious because of this outfit.

A solid white suit with a white shirt gives you also a monochrome look that creates the illusion that you are tall.

With this combination, you can pair any color of shoes but make sure that should are dress shoes. not sneakers. It’s already a formal outfit, not a casual one.


White pants are a versatile option and can be paired with many clothing pieces. But this article shows you 9 ready-to-out-out white pants combination ideas from casual to formal. Some color options, styling tips, and more.

A simple rule of styling white pants is to try to balance your outfit if you want to look classy. Go for a neutral color and pair slightly darker shades of shirts because white pants are already light color. To balance the outfit pair a darker shade of shirt.

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